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BGF’s Research & Development Division, located in Danville, Virginia, divides its efforts among developing new products, improving current products, and responding to customer’s questions and special needs. This 37,000 square foot building combines the company’s corporate headquarters, high-tech research and development with seven state-of-the-art laboratories focusing on applications Development. Physical testing, Microscopy, Analytical Testing, Pilot Processing, Composites Development and Filtration technology.

Pilot Laboratory

Pilot finishing range for application of chemicals to fabrics in a simulated production environment for customer sampling purposes. Includes pad finishing, knife coating and screen printing of fabrics. Used for applying aqueous solutions of silane finishes, pigments and coatings.

Applications Laboratory

RDapplicationsLabDevelopment of chemical treatments for fabric, mix chemicals, dyes, and pigments. The laboratory has pads for applying chemicals to fabrics, drying ovens, and two fume hoods.

Testing Laboratory

RDtestingTest physical properties of fabrics and composites, mullen burst strength and tear strength. In addition to standard textile test equipment the laboratory has an Instron tensile tester.

Microscopy Laboratory

RDmicroUtilizes optical and scanning electron microscopes for viewing materials at high magnification and includes an x-ray analyzer.

Analytical Laboratory

RDanalyticalAnalysis of chemical composition of materials, thermal analysis of composite properties, and infrared spectrophotometer for analyzing chemical composition.

Composites Laboratory

RDcompositesPreparation of composite materials for testing of physical properties, including applying polyester and epoxy resins to glass, carbon, and Kevlar® fabrics.

Filtration Laboratory

RDfiltrationTesting of filtration fabrics. Utilizes filter efficiency tester and particle size analyzer.