B2BGF Initiative Underway

GREENSBORO, N.C BGF Industries, Inc. announced the introduction of their new business-to-business program. B2BGF is a web-based initiative allowing BGF’s customers to improve business communications via the internet through the www.bgf.com site.

BGF, the American Glass Division of the Porcher Textile Group of Badinieres, France, is the preferred supplier to markets that require technically complex application of fibers made of glass, carbon, aramid and other advanced composite reinforcements.

Under the leadership of Robert Porcher, Porcher Industries has become a worldwide leader in the industrial textile industry. With annual sales of over 650 million dollars and more than 4,000 employees throughout the world, Porcher maintains a commercial presence in over 100 countries and manufacturing facilities in France, the United Kingdom, the USA, China, and Brazil. Satellite sales offices are located in Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, and The Czech Republic.

Mary Causey
Marketing Communications Mgr.