BGF Announces Partnership with Innegra Technologies, LLC

Danville, VA BGF Industries, manufacturer of technical fiber materials for global markets has formed a strategic partnership with Innegra Technologies to develop woven products utilizing Innegra fiber.

Innegra S is the lightest structural fiber available on the market today and provides exceptional toughness in a composite structure while also reducing weight. In both glass and carbon composites, Innegra S improves composite performance of at a while reducing overall cost.

BGF’s President, Robby Dunnagan, stated, Innegra S fiber is an innovation born of extensive research and development efforts and we are very pleased to collaborate with Innegra on this new endeavor. Dunnagan added, We are confident that Innegra S fiber is uniquely suited to complement our extensive product offerings in the Composites Market and other markets we serve. We look forward to a prosperous and enduring future with Innegra Technologies for their Innegra S applications.

The world-wide demand for lighter weight, less costly materials has created explosive growth for new composite applications and also exposed some weaknesses in the materials available to meet the market’s rigorous high performance requirements. High fuel and energy costs have intensified the need for even lighter weight composites. The inherent rigidity of typical high modulus fibers has somewhat limited the applications available. Innegra S fiber delivers an ultra-lightweight fiber (0.84 g/cc) with excellent energy absorption for increased impact resistance and damage tolerance. Combining this fiber with high modulus fibers using state-of- the-art reinforcement technologies will drive the growth of new composite applications.

Mark Smith, Innegra’s CEO commented BGF’s long history in the composite fabric weaving industry has allowed them to be tuned in to the needs of the industry. This combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing and research facilities make them an exciting partner in our commitment to align ourselves with companies who are willing to take the lead in composite application development.

About BGF Industries
BGF is a US subsidiary of Porcher Industries of France and manufactures woven and nonwoven materials from high performance fibers such as fiberglass, aramids, and carbon. BGF products are utilized in high temperature particulate filtration, aerospace structures, automotive and industrial insulation, marine & recreational composites, ballistic protection, electrical insulation and PTFE coating materials. Their products deliver high strength, high temperature, lightweight solutions that provide structural integrity, thermal, environmental and ballistic protection, or decorative appeal in countless everyday products from circuit boards to surf boards, from mufflers to snowmobiles, airplanes to armor and everything in between.

Wayne Jenkins

About Innegra Technologies
Innegra Technologies, LLC, is an advanced materials company that develops high performance fibers for use in composite, ballistic, and rope applications. Innegra’s primary product is Innegra S, which is made from 100% polypropylene fiber. The fiber is lightweight, tough and recyclable at a cost that is reasonable compared to other high performance fibers, and has been used in combination with carbon, aramid, glass and polyethylene fibers. Current applications include automotive, recreation, sporting goods, marine, industrial and ballistics.

Jennifer Medlock