BGF Industries Introduces New Moldable Composite


Barracuda aluminized glass fabric has look of 3-D steel

Greensboro, NC (October 29, 2009) Known for its size, toughness and brilliantly colored scales, the barracuda is one of the most recognizable fish in the ocean. Inspired by its unique characteristics and eye-catching appearance, BGF Industries, Inc. has launched a new line of aluminized glass fabric, called Barracuda©, that will provide manufacturers with a new composite that is both moldable and unique in appearance.

Combining the look of metal with the functionality of traditional glass fabrics, Barracuda provides an appearance that emulates the silver sheen of 3-D steel, says Tom Blackburn, BGF Industries market manager. It’s the perfect composite for product manufacturers who consider strength and aesthetics to be equally important.

An end result of extensive research and development, Barracuda has many of the same qualities of fiberglass cloth. Compared to metal and steel, it is extremely lightweight and flexible, but maintains a comparable level of strength. In addition, Barracuda cloth is created with a proprietary finish that produces a highly reflective surface resembling the look of high tech woven metal.

The finish gives the fabric a one-of-a-kind look that we believe will add value to a variety of manufactured products, says Blackburn. We believe this fabric is poised to revolutionize products that demand aesthetic appeal in addition to strength, toughness and flexibility.

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