BGF Protective Fabrics Launches Facebook Page

BGF Launches Facebook Page for Protective Fabrics Group

Online forum solicits expertise of military and law enforcement communities

Greensboro, NC (June 21, 2010) Armed forces and law enforcement personnel are experts in the use of body armor and survival gear. Now, those experts have an online community where their opinions and suggestions are welcomed.

BGF Industries, a leading high-performance materials manufacturer located in Greensboro, N.C., has created a Facebook page ( to provide a forum for members of the military and law enforcement communities to share their thoughts on body armor and other protective elements. BGF’s Protective Fabrics Team is deeply concerned about the safety and well-being of the men and women who serve our country, says BGF Protective Fabrics Market Manager Mike Bracey. The Facebook page is explicitly designed for the purpose of generating feedback from warfighters, law enforcement personnel, their families and the extended community of citizens who support those who protect and defend.

In addition to soliciting comments and feedback from the military and law enforcement communities, the BGF Facebook page provides stories of survival, inspiration and safety innovation. Bracey says that the site is a key step to forging relationships with those who risk their lives on a daily basis and depend upon body armor and vehicle armor for their safety. We appreciate their service and the best way we can thank them is to gather their input and use it to develop new ways to keep them safer.

A leading manufacturer of ballistic materials, BGF provides fabric configurations for the development of body armor, vehicle armor and specialty protective products. These fabrics are engineered from high performance fibers to produce an exceptionally high strength material that is specifically designed for use by military and law enforcement personnel.

While BGF does not create the finished product worn by warfighters and police officers, the company solicits responses from the end user as part of its research and development process. Our Protective Fabrics Team believes that collaboration is the key to developing customized solutions for specific applications, says Bracey. In order to understand how we can better manufacture a high strength fabric, it’s important to talk to the people who are using the products that incorporate our fabric, and determine if there are areas that need improvement.

For more information about BGF Industries, Inc. and the Protective Fabrics division, contact Mike Bracey at 800-476-4845.