Further expansion for Porcher Industries: opens plant in Russia

Present on the Russian market since 1994, Porcher Industries decides to move closer to its customers and markets. On December 18, the industrial group, specialized in the weaving of technical textiles, opens a new plant (Porshe Sovrememiye Materialy), in Koryakovo, 80 km from Moscow. This new manufacture (the 13th for the group) is dedicated to the production of high performance fabrics, including industrial and aerospace applications. Victor Bourkov, Sales Manager for the Russia and CEI area : “we will manufacture high performance carbon fabrics. They are used in the design of aircraft such as the Airbus (Porcher Industries is qualified for the Airbus A350 programme) but also in the manufacture of building reinforcement fabrics.

Henri Brosse, Porcher Industries Group Managing Director explains the decision to reinforce the presence of the company in Russia: “In the Automotive and Defense field for example, Russian manufacturers are turning away from traditional materials, steel and aluminium. They are now interested in composite material, which is a more durable, lighter and more corrosion-resistant material. We have an expertise of more than 50 years in the technical textile weaving. Our expansion is therefore legitimate for the Russian market.”

Florent Dumel, plant manager of PSM: “we have a surface of 3000 square meter. The production team, 10 people, has been trained in 2012 in Le Grand Lemps (Isre, France), our French plant specialized in weaving of carbon”. Porcher Industries plans to produce 10 tons of fabrics in 2013 and over 200 tons in 2017.

The Group Porcher Industries is a French industrial group, specializing in glass fibers weaving. Its markets:

  • Building and Industry (insulation and filtration fabrics ), 40% sales figures
  • Composites, 22%
  • Automotive (airbag fabrics), 19%
  • Electronics (electrical insulation fabrics) 15%
  • Sport (paragliding fabrics), 4 %

With 280 millions of sales figures in 2011, 2000 employees and 13 production locations, Porcher Industries is one of the most important manufacturer on the technical textiles market of 4 continents :

  • Europe (France, Great Britain, Russia) 41%
  • Americas (USA, Brasil) 45%
  • Asia and Pacific (China, Japan, India) 14%