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The stringent requirements of the Aerospace Industry demand the highest quality, strongest materials available. BGF’s fabrics are engineered to meet and exceed the crucial requirements for core strength, durability, fire resistance and corrosion resistance for the Aerospace Industry. Our fabrics for prepreg composite structures are woven from high tenacity, lightweight fiberglass, carbon, and aramid fibers.

  • Aramid fibers – are several times stronger than steel, light weight, and nonflammable.
  • Carbon fibers – are high strength, high thermal conductivity and very low in weight & density.
  • Glass fibers – are high tensile strength, high heat & chemical resistant, and dimensionally stable.

The chemistry behind our finish technology creates a resilient bond between the specified fabric and our customer’s resin system. The resulting composite fabric meets or exceeds military, aerospace, and other relevant specifications.

BGF’s expertise in the Aerospace Industry is the result of over 50 years of dedication to the science and technology that drives innovation. We welcome a collaborative approach to new developments and are confident that we can deliver a world class product that you can rely on.

Applications: Aircraft interiors, primary and secondary structures, ducting, windmill blades, helicopter rotor blades, radomes, avionics, brake linings, transportation/automotive, tooling.

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