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“Super Insulation”: Innovating LNG Tank Design

For the LNG market, BGF leverages their expertise to develop enduring solutions for products and processes that require lightweight, thermal, and high strength design elements.

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The C-Level Guide: How to Choose the Right Insulation for Your Cryogenic LNG Storage Tank

A checklist to provide C-Level executives with the information need to capitalize on fiber materials knowledge, and execute on LNG market and consumer behavior trends.

Learn the LNG Market

By 2020, America will become a net exporter of LNG but the infrastructure is not there yet. How are you getting involved?

Gain a Competitive Edge

Survey existing fiber materials used for LNG tank insulation on the market; their benefits and detriments.

Discover Innovative Methods

The LNG market is ready for technological innovation, especially in insulating materials for LNG storage tanks. Learn how new techniques create mesh with proven MLI methods to create a true “super insulation.”

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